About Donna


This is Donna.  To those who know her, that says it all.  To those who have tasted her fabulous cooking and seen first hand how she can turn an ordinary party into an event to remember, it says so much more.  Donna has been in the food service industry for over 20 years.  Working her way up from serving ice cream as a teenager at a local restaurant, to waitressing, then cooking and serving in commercial kitchens, she has done it all.  She gradually started switching over to private catering and cake decorating for friends and relatives and her popularity quickly became widespread.  Soon it became evident to her that it was time to go into business full-time for herself.  Thus in 2005, Leave It To Donna Cakes and Catering was born.  Donna brings her love of cooking and decorating to every event she has a hand in, whether it’s a backyard barbeque, a child’s birthday party, graduation party, wedding reception or corporate luncheon or banquet. But even more than that, she brings her love of people and her heart for serving others and making people happy.  So that, coupled with her amazing talent and skill, make for a fabulous celebration of any kind.  Not only does Donna cater for private events, but she can also be found at local craft shows, harvest festivals, and community events dishing out delicious delectables and serving with a smile. She and her husband, Mark, along with their big, lovable Goldendoodle, Cooper, make their home in the Back Mountain area of Northeastern Pennsylvania.